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Mini Essentials Pack for Aries


Determined  Confident  Brave

Mini Essentials Pack comes with 10 ML Aries Roll on and 10 ML Aries Essential oil blend

Essential oil blend ingredients: Marjoram, Lemon*, Lavender

Roll on ingredients:  Jojoba oil, Marjoram, Lemon*, Lavender

*Non Organic Oil

Those born under the first sign of the zodiac are natural leaders. Ambitious and optimistic by nature, they are driven initiators. The sign of the Ram approaches everything they do with enthusiasm and gusto, ready to obliterate any obstacle in their way. Never seeming to run out of energy, Aries has a dynamic spirit. Ruled by the planet Mars, the war god of old myth, Aries possesses an unmatched power. They will approach any noble battle with great courage and will. But all that fiery energy can lead to stressy headaches and unchecked anger in pursuit of their passions.

The bold fragrance of Marjoram suits Aries’ strong personality while balancing the fiery vibes. Lemon matches Aries’ zest for life and invigorates the innate creativity they possess. Lavender softens the signs tendency towards aggression. Aries will find that this blend subdues their fiery tendencies while supporting their natural drive and momentum. 

Aries is a fire sign that rules the head, leaving them prone to headaches, even migraines. Massage a few drops into the temples and base of the neck to quickly counteract these fiery flare ups.


Directly from the bottle or breathe in 2 – 3 drops rubbed in palms for immediate relief.


Place 5 – 10 drops in a diffuser or oil burner. The amount depends on the size of the room and preference for strength of aroma.


Add 5 drops to 10 ml of carrier oil such as sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil etc


For a deeply relaxing bath add 10 – 20 drops to a full bath.

Cotton Ball

Place a few drops on a cotton ball and put under your pillow, in the car vent or tuck into a pocket.

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