We are Lyn, Miranda and Valentina we are family and we are Seeds By Three. Our passion for taking care of the health and well being of ourselves and our families in a natural and holistic way was the drive for developing our beautiful pure essential oil blends. The Seeds By Three team all enjoy essential oils every day for wellness and wellbeing and have been preparing essential oil blends for family and friends on request for a very long time. We decided it was time to listen to our friends and share our products and information with the wider community of health-conscious people. We know you will love them as much as we do.

Meet the team

Miranda our bright, breezy and inspiring young mum who really understands first-hand the work life family balance has been using essential oils since very young and is absolutely passionate about helping to make life easier for others. Our family entrepreneur since a teenager, Miranda has developed many successful products including her company Sweet Sticks. Inventing products for the cake decorating industry - @sweetsticksAU

Lyn was practicing as a clinical aromatherapist twenty-five years ago and has used essential oils ever since for everything from skin care to colds and flu, aching muscles and emotional issues and is never without her ‘natures medicine kit’. Still practicing as a kinesiologist, for more than twenty years, Lyn places an emphasis on the natural re-balancing of the body’s healing ability. Sharing knowledge about the abundant wisdom the natural world can provide is a lifelong passion.

Valentina mum of three girls and the youngest member of our team has been using essential oils in her daily life using them to make products from scrubs to hair care products and face creams and continues to find them invaluable to support her busy lifestyle. 

Our products are pure, natural and easy to use with blend names making it crystal clear what they are used for. We want you to easily integrate essential oils into your lives and feel confidant with the product and the knowledge provided.