Sitting in the centre of our forehead, the Brow Chakra is the centre of our intuition. The pineal gland which is associated with the Brow Chakra is considered the doorway to the deepest well of inner wisdom, clarity and knowledge needed to access higher spiritual dimensions. Amethyst stimulates the pineal gland and helps you go deeper into your meditation practice. It releases feelings of congestion in the mind and clears your access to the higher realms. Amethyst is effective in the relief of headaches and helps you achieve a blissful night’s sleep. 

  • Stimulates the pineal gland for deeper meditation. 
  • Relieves headaches and encourages restful sleep. 
  • Releases congestion in the mind and clears access to higher realms. 

Clear Quartz 

Clear Quartz helps you loosen up the blockages that have clouded your vision. It promotes clear-headed thinking and works to connect and cleanse your energy from head to toe. This stone radiates an inner light and encourages a similar brightness in your energy. It leaves you feeling calm and relaxed with a bright vision of the future. 

  • Loosens up blockages in your vision. 
  • Promotes clear thinking and connects all the chakras.
  • Brings a brightness to your energy.