The sign of the crab is a water creature ruled by the Moon and its lunar tides. Cancerians are deeply emotional and imaginative. Often the first to laugh or cry, they will emote exactly what they are feeling. Fiercely loyal, they display a great tenacity to protect their loved ones and are grounded by tradition. Typically surrounded by cherished memorabilia, keepsakes and pictures of family, Cancer thrives in a comfortable home life. They are intuitive and thoughtful with a deep sensitivity to the world around them. Cancer can suffer from weak boundaries, finding themselves depending too heavily on others or in others taking advantage of their sweetness and light. They can be prone to moodiness and difficulties with digestion and the stomach thanks to their sometimes-broody nature.

Clary Sage helps support healthy boundaries for the Cancerian and highlights the crabs nurturing nature. Lavender supports and clarifies their ability to comfort others while Chamomile brings a sense of tranquillity to their environment. Patchouli helps facilitate independence and confidence while deeply grounding their fluctuating emotions.