The Saturn-ruled Capricorn has a reputation for being on the serious side. But for as much as they have a determined outer shell, they are soft inside. Being an earth sign, Capricorn loves to spend time outdoors when not at their desk and mirrors groundedness in their inner landscape. The sign of the goat is a sure-footed climber, always moving up in the world. Disciplined and responsible, Capricorn works hard to build things that will last and dedicates themselves to the task at hand fully. Prone to overwork, they can burn out and lose touch with their emotional side if they don’t take the time to self-nurture. Saturn rules the bones and Cap can suffer from joint pains and strains.

Tea tree helps alleviate the achy knees and joints Capricorn may suffer on their climb to the top. Peppermint reconnects Capricorn to their emotional, nurturing side and provides a welcome respite from over work. Cypress supports Capricorn’s innate ability to believe in themselves and blow past any barriers to their success