The divine feminine energy of Moonstone rises up through the Heart Chakra, through to the Brow, and finally up to the Crown Chakra where it sends a luminous glowing crown of white light. This gem heals gently with a reminder that we are a part of the larger spiritual universe and that we can achieve balance through both the yin energy of the moon and the yang energy of the sun. Moonstone supports the practices that slow us down and connect us to our highest selves. 

  • Brings a gentle healing and balance. 
  • Helps us slow down and connect with ourselves.
  • Balances yin and yang energy in the body. 


Labradorite possesses a mystical quality with flashes of light in the stone that appear almost like the heavenly lights of an Aurora Borealis. It brings protection to the aura and boosts mental alertness and memory. It allows you to let go of your lower urges and reach for higher visions of who you can be and what you can achieve while giving you a boost of enthusiasm for life. 

  • Brings protection to the aura. 
  • Boosts mental alertness and memory. 
  • Increases your enthusiasm for life.