Libra approaches life with charm and diplomacy. Always seeking balance and equanimity, Libra often finds themselves playing the objective observer. Just like the scales that represent this sign, Libras likes to play in a pair. They work well with others one-to-one and enjoy camaraderie. Ruled by Venus, Libra possesses a love of beauty and pleasure. Grace, refinement, and charm are the gifts of Venus. Libra seeks out and draws out these qualities in others and abhors negativity. When faced with conflict, Libra wants to get back to balance – fast! This can give them with a wishy-washy or fickle quality. Libra loathes injustice and ironically can become unpleasant or cruel themselves when confronting a perceived miscarriage of justice.

Geranium promotes the harmony and balance Libra seeks. Cedarwood and Black pepper give Libra a strong sense of self and individuation, easing fickleness and grounding their dynamic personalities. The citrusy scent of Orangestimulates creativity and the exchange of ideas that Libra craves.