Always adaptive, Pisces flows in and out of any situation like their mutable water element suggests. They feel their way through life and are deeply affected emotionally by their surroundings. They have a multi-faceted nature, always seeming to swim in multiple directions. Intuitive and nurturing, they have an inner need to help others, often gravitating towards healing practices or the artistic world. “Alone time” is essential for the fish, adorning their inner sanctums with candles, soft music, and fluffy pillows. Changeable in nature, they can come off as wishy-washy and can be prone to drifting off into a world of fantasy.

Ylang ylang nurtures Pisces sensitive side and boosts their intuitive understanding. Lemon grounds Pisces from their sometimes spaciness. Lavender supports Pisces need to disconnect from the outer world and enjoy some time alone while Patchouli helps them reach different, deeper levels of consciousness.