With a need for freedom and independence, the Centaur Sagittarius moves through life with an open heart and mind. They possess a powerful ability to manifest what they want out of life with their idealistic natures and tend towards high self-esteems. Thanks to their ruling planet, Jupiter, Sagittarius is adventurous and energetic, often gravitating to exotic surroundings and far-off places. Invite your favorite Sagittarius to your next party and they are sure not to disappoint. They are gifted with a great sense of humor but can be prone to over exaggeration. Because of their innate confidence and curiosity, they can dive in too quickly and over commit, sometimes showing up for them as stress and hypertension.

Lemon brings out the best in Sagittarius and supports their zest for life. Frankincense reinforces the Centaur’s intelligent nature and infuses their environment with a communicative but diplomatic air. Lavender brings a state of bliss to the otherwise stressy Sag while Cedarwood sustains their healthy self-esteems.