There’s an air of mystery to the Scorpion. Ruled by a desire to transmute themselves into a better, stronger being, they will investigate the depths of existence just to challenge themselves to find a way out. They are perceptive and intuitive, making them great counselors, psychics, and healers. Intensely loyal, Scorpio makes a strong sidekick to have in your corner. Scorpios are used to getting what they want. With a robust will and resourceful nature the Scorpion can deliver a powerful sting when denied. Scorpio rules the reproductive organs and can be prone to lower abdominal and menstrual pains.

Sandalwood evokes Scorpio’s mysterious airs and assists them on their journeys into the depths of the psyche. Clary sage and Lavender softens the scorpions sting and calms their natural defensiveness. Orange stimulates Scorpio’s passionate nature and supports abdominal health.