Grounded but graceful, Taurus has a gift for beauty and enjoys the finer aspects of life. From perfectly aged wine to great art, Taurus is moved by luxurious living thanks to their ruling planet, Venus. Steadfast and practical, these bulls are characterized by an earthy energy. They seek a certain material stability to sustain their sensual natures. They have a balanced outlook on life and make for reliable colleagues, trusted friends, and tender lovers. At times they can be a bit, well, bullish. A plodding, unmoving energy can keep them stuck in resistance to change which others may view as downright stubbornness. They tend to carry much of their stress in their neck and shoulders thanks to their tendency to take on the weight of the world around them.

Taurus loves to smell rich and alluring. The classic scent of romance, Rose perfectly complements Taurus’ enticing abilities. Patchouli is an equally indulgent fragrance that is undeniably luxurious. The unexpected but delightfully uplifting Grapefruit unburdens the bull from their obdurate tendencies while Lemon soothes the stress that can lead to neck aches and pains. Reach for this blend when you find yourself stuck and needing to push past old limitations while supporting your desire to create a lavish and materially comfortable environment.