Prim and put-together, Virgo likes things just so. They are the consummate hard worker and a loyal friend. There is an earthiness to their character, but they also display mutable, flexible qualities. Lovers of logic and practicality, Virgo possesses a great mental acuity and respects those that can provide mental stimulation. It is in their nature to be of service to others and they enjoy delving into projects that will bring benefit to something greater than themselves. Generally health conscious, Virgo takes great care of themselves and can be a storehouse of information on diet and exercise. There is a tendency towards fidgeting and nervousness when not kept busy and Virgo can find themselves needing to calm their active minds.

Orange supports Virgos overall health while calming the obsession over it. Sandalwood soothes Virgos tendency to go into overdrive and Lavender promotes an overall sense of calm. Ylang Ylang alleviates an over-active mind while drawing out the youthful enthusiasm Virgo can possess when unburdened.