Moonstone encourages Aquarius to reconnect to their emotional side and brings them back in touch with their intuition. It encourages the sign to seek emotional balance within themselves and relieve the stress they often feel when trying to accomplish their loftier goals. It also offers them a deeper connection to the heavenly realms and their psychic abilities. 

Black Onyx provides Aquarius with the stable foundation they need to feel emotionally centered and safe. It offers them relief from self-doubt and anxieties and grounds them in compassion and strength. This stone supports the Aquarian desire to change the world and offers up support in the realm of transformations while improving their decision-making abilities throughout their endeavors.

Garnet brings passion and fire to the watery Aquarian. It helps them stay true to themselves and stay on the path towards their dreams while promoting a physical vitality and emotional strength. There is a quality of truth and revelation to this stone that Aquarians loves and it can help them connect to others on a deeper, more authentic level.