Lapis Lazuli tames Aries fiery nature and allows for more effective, peaceful communication. Quick-thinking Aries is aided by this crystal’s ability to bring about articulate points of view and helps the Ram appear more diplomatic than aggressive. Intuition is heightened by Lapis Lazuli’s watery nature and Aries gains clarity and peace of mind from the calm, depth of this stone.


Aries tends to take life by the horns which can leave them needing grounding and centering. Black Onyxensures that they are coming from a place of personal power and authenticity while they are overcoming obstacles and balances their full-steam-ahead personalities with clarity of perception and inner strength.


Clear Quartz can be used powerfully in conjunction with other crystals to balance Aries’ ambitions and ensure that their goals are achieved without stepping on anyone’s toes along the way. It brings about a calm state of mind and soothes Aires’ fiery passions without dampening their brilliance.