Green Calcite helps Cancer navigate difficult situations by bringing a sense of lightness and hope to the sometimes-moody sign. It promotes stability and peace and offers the nurturing energy Cancer seeks. It encourages Cancer to take care of themselves as well as those around them and improves their sense of clairvoyance.

The energy of Moonstone is a clear fit for the lunar-ruled sign of Cancer. It amplifies Cancer’s caring nature while lightening up their darker, brooding tendencies. This crystal helps Cancer breeze through times of transition with no drama and encourages positive transformations during challenging and emotional moments.

Watery Cancer’s emotions can flow and fluctuate from one moment to the next. Leopardskin Jasper provides them with the strong and stable foundation they crave while bringing a light-hearted air to Cancer’s more difficult moods. This crystal helps Cancer get un-stuck and see all the choices they have available to them beyond their limited, emotional perspective.