Capricorn’s natural work ethic is boosted by Carnelian which encourages a sense of determination and passion. It brings an energy of forward momentum while reducing the anxieties that come from the over-work Capricorn is prone to.

Clear Quartz helps Capricorn connect to a higher consciousness and discover a deeper purpose and meaning in their lives beyond their day-to-day work. It provides them a sense of strength and positivity and amplifies the effect of other crystals. Clear Quartz offers Capricorn a boost in concentration and memory retention and improves their already strong intellectual abilities.

Howlite offers Capricorn a respite from over-thinking and promotes healthy emotional responses. It soothes their anxious nerves and settles their overactive minds while inspiring them to strive to be the best version of themselves. It provides an enhanced connection to a higher calling and reminds them to take much needed rest.