Amethyst elevates Leo’s passion and drive to a higher, more spiritually inspired place. It encourages more altruistic tendencies and allows them to act from a place of compassion without compromising their regal natures. It offers a calm and connected energy that deepens their intuitive intelligence.

Grounding and protective, Black Onyx relieves stress and negativity in Leo. This stone helps the Lion overcome all that might hold them back from becoming the ruler of their roost including self-doubt and anxieties. It restores their passion for life when they feel depleted and encourages them to lean into their personal strength and courage.   

 Carnelian brings Leo an energy similar to its own – vital, passionate and creative. It boosts Leo’s natural generosity and openness while grounding them in connectedness with others. It encourages Leo to look beyond themselves and create something for the good of all. This stone brings out the best in the Lion.