Libra benefits from the clarifying qualities of Clear Quartz, aiding their decision-making abilities and reducing confusion. It provides positivity and the ability to be grounded in the present while stimulating Libra’s intellect. It can help the sign define their life’s purpose and guide them to find the answers they seek to life’s deeper questions.

Libra has a desire to find balance and justice in all aspects of life. Labradorite provides Libra the stable foundation they need to make reasoned decisions that benefit all parties involved. It brings an awakened and intuitive quality to the sign while offering a sense of hope and release from anxiety. It’s also a calming stone that cleanses and strengthens Libra’s jittery nervous system.

Lapis Lazuli offers Libra the clarity of mind from which they are best able to communicate their point of view with diplomacy and reason. It serves their decision-making processes and brings peace to their minds and surroundings. There is an intuitive quality to this stone that aides Libra’s decisiveness and wisdom.