Sagittarius is granted an energy of strength and balance by Black Onyx. It brings structure and support when they are facing fears and challenges. It also offers Sagg spiritual guidance during the times of transition they often finds themselves in thanks to their love of change. It’s a grounding and truth-bearing stone that Sagg can use to root themselves in any circumstance.

Smoky Quartz brings a calm and clear energy that improves Sagittarius’ intuition and decision-making abilities. It offers security and protection from negative energies and helps them remain lighthearted in the face of challenges or difficult people. It has an uplifting and clarifying energy that helps Sagg complete their long-term goals with positivity and strength.

 Known as the “Stone of Focused Action,” Bronzite offers Sagittarius the grounding energy they need to stick to their chosen path. It encourages Sagg to believe in themselves and see the bigger picture so that they can accomplish what they set out to do. The stone is best used when they are feeling out of alignment and need to be brought back to centeredness.