Smoky Quartz brings a cleansing power to Scorpio, releasing them from repressed emotions and revealing inner truths. It enhances their intuitive and psychic abilities while grounding them firmly in the real world. This crystal offers the sign improvements in the realm of relationships and in the completion of their loftier, long-term goals while clearing away any aggressive tendencies or negativity. 

Labradorite offers Scorpio enhanced strength and personal power through a heightened connection to their intuition and the divine. It improves their communicative and relational abilities, even with the higher realms and spirit guides. It balances and guards against Scorpio’s more anti-social tendencies and improves their creative abilities.

Rose Quartz opens Scorpio to a softer, lighter energy and encourages them to share with others and release a need for control. It brings positivity, joy, and love to their surroundings as well as their inner worlds while lightening the load on their secretly sensitive hearts.