Seeds By Three

Complete Zen



This beautiful Seeds By Three blend is for creating an ambience in which to chill and listen to amazing music with a glass of wine or cup of tea or to meditate or read or just feel a sense of deep calm. This blend is so lovely it has become popular to use as a fragrance. Try it!

Bergamot essential oil has flavonoids that are very good relaxants that can reduce nervous tension, anxiety and stress. Bergamot also stimulates the activity of dopamine and serotonin hormones which induce feelings of relaxation, sedation and calm.

Frankincense* essential oil which is mentioned in the bible has been used for meditation and spiritual practices for thousands of years.  It is well known for its effect on the human psyche.

Sandalwood* essential oil induces relaxation, calmness, inner vision and positive thoughts.

Rose* essential oil is called the queen of essential oils for good reason. It has the most complex chemical constituents and a vast array of uses as well as a glorious fragrance.  Rose oil has a positive influence on the heart chakra.

*Indicates oil is not organic

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