Seeds By Three

Grounding Roll On



Grounding mean being emotionally and energetically rooted in present time. You will feel ungrounded if you are harassed by constant unwanted thoughts, rushing about constantly, feeling challenged by decision making or constantly thinking about the past. Seeds By Three Grounding blend can also support carers, who so often are required to direct their energy outside of themselves, to reconnect to earth energy and remain purposeful and focussed in present time.

Roll on to pulse points or soles of feet.

Our #rollonblends are easy to carry in your handbag or keep in the office draw for convenient and instant use.

Sandalwood essential oil has traditionally been used for religious and spiritual purposes in the East for hundreds of years. It has properties that help soothe and calm and has an affinity with the base chakra. A balanced base chakra allows us to feel safe and grounded.

Lavender essential oil is an adaptogenic and has a positive balancing affect on the nervous system. If we are feeling down Lavender will raise the spirits or at times of anxiety and stress it will soothe and calm.

Rosemary essential oil is used for memory and clarity. In Seeds By Three Grounding blend it helps to remember what is important, to tonify the Qi of the body and activate courage.

Clary Sage* essential oil reduces anxiety and it has known antidepressant properties that promote feelings of calm.

Peppermint has been included in our Grounding blend due to properties that enhance memory and increase alertness which anchors us in the present.

Vertivert* has a very earthy aroma with properties that ground us in the present and help us connect to our heart energies.  

Blend: Jojoba oil, Sandalwood, Lavender, Rosemary, Clary Sage*, Peppermint, Vertivert*

    *Indicates oil is not organic


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