Seeds By Three

Keepsake Zodiac Kit for Leo


Creative  Generous  Warm hearted

Keepsake Zodiac Kit comes with 3 crystals( Amethyst, Black Onyx and Carnelian) and a Leo designed cookie.

Kit also comes ready for gifting in a sturdy metal box with a beautiful black matte finish

Cookie ingredients: flour(WHEAT, sugar, vanilla bean paste, butter, eggs, cornflour, (fondant: sugar, glucose, water, hydrogenated vegetable oil, maize starch, also contain SOY), Edible Art Paint by Sweet Sticks.


Leos are natural born leaders that thrive in the spotlight. Ruled by the Sun, the sign of the lion loves to hold court and always leaves an impression on those in their inner circle. Leos crave creation and have a deep need to manifest something they can be proud of, if only for the praise and respect it garners. Strong and fearless, they have a great stamina and fierce loyalty. Leos possess a regal presence, a stately manner, and a warm-hearted nature. When Leo goes on the prowl, they can be intensely passionate and generous. Their charms extend to all that bask in Leo’s sunny glow. Unchecked, Leo can be prone to drama and must be careful not to overexert themselves in their striving to rule. Ruled by their heart, back and spine, Leo can suffer aches in these areas.

Lemon supports Leos sunny personality and evokes their natural warmth. High-vibing neroli allows for openness and supports Leos stately manor. Rosemary eases the aches and pains throughout the spine that many Leos suffer, and Marjoram is a great tonic for the heart.

Amethyst elevates Leo’s passion and drive to a higher, more spiritually inspired place. It encourages more altruistic tendencies and allows them to act from a place of compassion without compromising their regal natures. It offers a calm and connected energy that deepens their intuitive intelligence.

Grounding and protective, Black Onyx relieves stress and negativity in Leo. This stone helps the Lion overcome all that might hold them back from becoming the ruler of their roost including self-doubt and anxieties. It restores their passion for life when they feel depleted and encourages them to lean into their personal strength and courage.   

 Carnelian brings Leo an energy similar to its own – vital, passionate and creative. It boosts Leo’s natural generosity and openness while grounding them in connectedness with others. It encourages Leo to look beyond themselves and create something for the good of all. This stone brings out the best in the Lion.

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