Seeds By Three

Lava Bracelet for Better than you think



Keep your favorite essential oil experience close at hand with our elegantly designed lava stone diffuser bracelet. Just a drop or two will infuse the naturally porous lava stone with a healing aroma that will last throughout the day. The ancient lava stone is formed from molten lava under conditions of intense heat and pressure leaving it with a unique texture and matte finish. It encourages a deep connection to the earth, bolsters the wearers courage and self-confidence, has grounding, calming properties and provides stability in times of change. With this bracelet, you’ll benefit from the properties of the lava stone, which are especially felt when worn close to the skin, as well as enjoy the therapeutic benefits from the essential oil of your choice.

Each bracelet is hand-crafted with a single lava stone and gorgeous gold beads on a fully adjustable waxed cord.

Our Lava Stone Diffuser Bracelets make perfect gifts, each coming in a sleek Seeds by Three gift bag and paired with a personal message. From a thank you note to Mum to your bestie having a not-so-great day, or to your Bridesmaids on your big day, you’re sure to find a message that shows that special someone just how much you care. Or just get one for yourself – we know you deserve one too.

Choose from one of three exquisite essential oils:

  • Wild Flower
    • Bring in a bit of spring with this bright floral blend.
    • Calming, enticing, and renewing.
  • Citrus
    • Freshen things up with this zesty citrus blend.
    • Energizing, uplifting, and purifying.
  • Vanilla
    • Enjoy the warmth of this rich classic scent.
    • Balancing, welcoming, and nurturing.

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