Seeds By Three

Mood Booster



Our Seeds By Three Mood Boost blend is helpful for those times when we just feel like we need a shift out of our current mood. We may be procrastinating, feel a bit grumpy, angry, or maybe just a bit blah and we want to turn the emotional dial up to boost level! This blend of stimulating, balancing and grounding essential oils will do the trick!

Bergamot Essential oil contains flavonoids that are very good relaxants that can reduce nervous tension, anxiety and stress. They can also stimulate the release of pleasure hormones dopamine and serotonin.

Orange Beautiful bright orange essential oil acts as a natural sedative. It alleviates anxiety, anger and depression.

Geranium essential oil helps balance hormones and relieve stress and anxiety. This beautifully fragrant oil can also reduce fatigue and uplift mood.

Patchouli essential oil helps with depression and feelings of sadness, loss and disappointment. It helps release feelings of anxiety and anger.

Frankincense* essential oil acts on the master gland, the pineal, which has an effect on the emotions and feelings.

*Indicates oil is not organic

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