Seeds By Three

Morning Sickness



One of the not so fun parts of the excitement of pregnancy is the nausea and vomiting that can be experienced, often in the morning but it can strike at anytime of the day. In Seeds By Three Morning Sickness blend the essential oils are those traditionally used for nausea and that are safe to use during pregnancy. Try carrying the essential oil bottle or roller with you to inhale throughout the day whenever nausea strikes.

Lavender essential oil is very widely used in aromatherapy and traditional medicine for calming the nerves, reducing stress and allaying anxiety. Lavender has been the subject of an enormous amount of research with several studies showing just how effective it is in various applications.

Spearmint* essential oil is a relative of peppermint but with a lighter more minty aroma. This natural remedy for nausea has long been used to relax abdominal cramps and headaches and reduce anxiety.

Ginger* beautiful, warm, calming ginger essential oil has been used effectively  by the Seeds By Three team for more than twenty years to inhale, rub on tummy or diffuse whenever stomach aches nausea or vomiting strikes one of the family, child or adult.

*Indicates oil is not organic

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