Seeds By Three

Sleep Aromatherapy Spray


Our Aromatherapy Sprays are designed for you to feel and smell the wonderful benefits of our custom essential oil blend instantly and on the go. Whether it be for a room, pillow, bed, office, car, bathroom, travel, or yourself - it is the perfect companion. 

Wonderfully packed for yourself or as the perfect gift. 


Distilled water, organic witch hazel,  organic lavender, organic roman chamomile, organic cedarwood.

    How to use

    Mist your body from head to toe as desired or use as a room spray.

    Size 100 ML

    Made in Australia

    Organic & Natural

    Long lasting

    Vegan friendly

    Cruelty free

    Our sleep blend contains essential oils chosen for their known properties to help calm the mind and assist with sleep. Whether it is for frequent insomnia or occasional nights of overactive mind due to worries or fears Seeds By Three Sleep blend can assist with regaining healthy sleep patterns.  

    Lavender essential oil has calming properties that research has shown can help relieve pain and reduce anxiety and this in turn helps induce sleep.

    Roman Chamomile essential oil soothes and calms. Studies have found that chamomile acts as a mild sedative on the nervous system calming nerves, reducing anxiety and assisting with sleep.

    Cedarwood essential oil with its comforting woody aroma has traditionally been used for calming and relaxing. It has a gentle sedative action on the nerves and mind.

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