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Weekend Vibes



Weekend Vibes is sure to become one of your favourites whenever you want to relax into the zone.This fun blend is great to put on when it's time to forget the working week and get into the mood to kick back and relax. Weekend vibes has a delicious aroma which is relaxing but also has that kick of black pepper to introduce an element of fun.

Rose* The beautiful fragrance of rose essential oil promotes feelings of peace and tranquillity. It has long been associated with the heart and feelings of love. Rose oil is very costly to produce as it takes an enormous amount of rose petals to make just a few precious mls. Rose essential oil has more chemical constituents than any other essential oil and therefore has many health benefits including support for anxiety, depression and hormones.

Geranium essential oil is used in aromatherapy to balance the emotions and uplift mood. Various studies on the active components of geranium essential oil have supported this traditional knowledge. This essential oil has a lovely, light sweet fragrance which is beautifully balanced by the black pepper and lemongrass essential oils.

Black Pepper The warm, spicy aroma of black pepper is uplifting and energising. In clinical aromatherapy it is used for disorders of the digestive system and pre and post sport massage. In subtle aromatherapy it helps dissolve energy blocks.

Lemongrass essential oil has that exotic citrus aroma we associate with delicious food enjoyed during our holidays in warm, balmy climates. It has traditionally been used for stress, anxiety, depression and digestive issues. In Weekend Vibes blend it assists us in recalling fun times and relaxing holidays.

*Indicates oil is not organic


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