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None of us seem to escape the occasional times when we are feeling anxious and some of us are constantly in a slightly hypervigilant ‘fight/flight’ state. Either way Seeds By Three Anxiety blend can help alleviate the anxiety. From butterflies in the stomach all the way up to feeling a sense of panic.

Roll Anxiety blend onto wrists, back of neck or over heart area and take some deep calming breaths when feelings of anxiety arise. for an anxious child roll onto soles of feet before bed or before the anxiety producing event. E.g. First day of school.

Our #rollonblends are easy to carry in your handbag or keep in the office draw for convenient and instant use.

Clary Sage essential oil lowers the stress hormone cortisol and increases the feel good hormone serotonin. This beautiful essential oil is widely used for the relief of the symptoms of anxiety and depression which affects so many of us.

Lavender essential oil is used in our Anxiety blend due to its ability to help calm and relax. It is always considered for nervous tension and panic attacks and as a restorative for the nervous system.

Bergamot essential oil is one of the main oils used for symptoms of anxiety, depression and agitation. We have used Bergamot essential oil, with its  lovely comforting citrusy floral aroma, for stress and anxiety for many years.

Ylang Ylang essential oil has a sweet fragrance similar to Jasmine and is used in perfumes. In our Anxiety blend it is added for its tonic effect on the nervous system.

Vertivert* essential oil has been used for thousands of years in traditional medicine in South East Asia and is known as the ‘oil of tranquillity’. Recent research supports many of the known benefits of reducing feelings of anxiety and nervousness.

Blend: Jojoba oil, Clary Sage, Lavender, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang*, Vertivert*

*Indicates oil is not organic

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Amazing product carry with me everyday helps to calm my anxiety only thing that works for me

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