Seeds By Three

Breathe Easy



Our Seeds By Three Breathe Easy is a blend of essential oils that assist with the feeling of clear airways. Useful during hayfever, allergy and colds seasons or whenever there is a feeling of congestion in the head. This is also a great blend to have with you for when those times of stress or anxiety have caused shallow breathing and some deep breaths will be helpful in regaining a calm centre.

Eucalyptus essential oil is antibacterial and antiviral and has traditionally been used to help open airways and relieve congestion naturally.

Peppermint essential oil always give an immediate pow! Factor when breathed in. The anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties of peppermint oil penetrate the nasal linings and assist with relief.

Thyme essential oil has traditionally been used as an expectorant and to help drain congestion caused by coughs and colds.

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