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We have created a winter super blend with a combination of seven hard hitters of the essential oil world when it comes to effectiveness against bacteria and viruses.  As soon as the sniffles, coughs and sore throats make an appearance get this blend diffusing or rub a few drops on the soles of the feet or dilute a couple of drops in some carrier oil such as sweet almond oil and rub on the chest throat and back.

Lemon essential oil is used for purification and cleansing. It has been widely researched with reports revealing it may actually be the most powerful anti-microbial agent of all the essential oils.

essential oil has anti inflammatory, antimicrobial and antiseptic qualities. Lemon essential oil has approximately 70% of  d-limonene, one of its chemical constituents, which has been the subject of hundreds of scientific studies which show that it is a powerful antioxidant. It supports the immune system by helping with lymphatic drainage.  

Eucalyptus Australiana* essential oil has long been used by Australian aborigines as a wound healer due to the powerful medicinal properties of the oil. It also works as an expectorant and is used as a treatment for asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia.

Thyme  The thymol in Thyme  essential oil helps drain congestion and clear infections in the chest and throat.

Oregano essential oil kills off bacteria and virus in the system. Studies have demonstrated that it is powerful enough to kill off E Coli bacteria.

Marjoram acts as a natural analgesic and helps reduce the pain associated with fevers, inflammation and colds.

Lavender contains a wide range of chemical constituents which research has shown to have many health supporting benefits. Recent studies have shown Lavender essential oil increases the activity of powerful antioxidants in the body. Oxidative stress is a causative factor in many disease states.

Frankincense  With its antiseptic and disinfectant qualities Frankincense essential oil is a wonderful immune system support. It has traditionally been used for meditation due to its anti-inflammatory properties which helps relax the breathing passages. It can provide relief from cough, phlegm and bronchitis.

Blend: Lemon, Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano, Marjoram, Lavender, Frankincense*, Eucalyptus 
*Indicates oil is not organic

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My go to oil

I love using this oil when the kids are sick. I rub a few drops on their feet at night or/and put some drops the diffuser. It works a treat and has them feeling better in no time.

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