Seeds By Three

Mini Essentials Pack for Gemini


Curious  Adaptable   Intelligent 

Mini Essentials Pack comes with 10 ML Gemini Roll on and 10 ML Gemini Essential oil blend

Essential oil blend ingredients: Lemongrass, basil, Lavender 

Roll On ingredients:  Jojoba oil, Lemongrass, basil, Lavender 

Vivacious and stimulating, Gemini is a great asset at parties. They are bright, quick-witted, and fun. This mutable sign goes with the flow and can often change their mind on a whim. Ruled by Mercury, Gemini is an avid communicator. They see both sides of an argument but can be prone to flighty gossip. Charming and disarming, Gemini often finds themselves playing the diplomat and would thrive in a career involving public speaking or writing. There is a dual aspect to the Gemini however: a yin/yang quality. While intellectual and energetic, they can also be inwardly focused and indecisive. There’s a tendency in this air sign to float off into space or have a nervous energy. 

Lavender helps calm the twins’ nerves and bring each side of their mutable personality back to center. Lemongrass supports Gemini’s quick mind and wit while helping to focus their thoughts. Basil taps into the Mercurian’s imagination and embroiders a sense of balance and brightness.


Directly from the bottle or breathe in 2 – 3 drops rubbed in palms for immediate relief.


Place 5 – 10 drops in a diffuser or oil burner. The amount depends on the size of the room and preference for strength of aroma.


Add 5 drops to 10 ml of carrier oil such as sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil etc


For a deeply relaxing bath add 10 – 20 drops to a full bath.

Cotton Ball

Place a few drops on a cotton ball and put under your pillow, in the car vent or tuck into a pocket.

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