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Throat Chakra Gift Pack


We’ve put together 7 Chakra kits that combine two powerful methods of healing - aromatherapy and crystals. Each Chakra kit includes your choice of one out of three aromatherapy sprays that work to awaken your senses and align your energy as well as 2 potent crystals that balance the energies of the chakra of your choice. Use them as a companion to your meditation or reflection practice and as a sensual boost to your environment.

Aromatherapy Characteristics:

Study Blend

  • Aids open communication of ideas
  • Improves metabolism and underactive thyroid
  • Boost brain function 


  • Helps clear brain fog associated with underactive thyroid
  • Aids positive expression of thoughts 
  • Effective mouth rinse for throat and mouth issues (few drops in warm water) 


  • Clears the mind and assists with concentration 
  • Has balancing effect on nervous system
  • Promotes feelings of courage and self-reliance



The throat chakra is associated with the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland governs the rate of metabolism in the body and Amazonite can help resolve the fatigue, weight gain, and sluggishness associated with an underactive thyroid. It can also help boost brain function and concentration throughout the day. Amazonite connects the heart with the throat chakra for a balanced flow of energy and communication that “comes from the heart”. 

  • Helps regulate an underactive thyroid to balance metabolism. 
  • Connects the heart and throat chakra for improved communication. 
  • Boosts brain function and concentration throughout the day. 


The throat chakra is the home of our truth and our ability to communicate that truth to others. Sodalite helps you communicate your ideas and also stimulates you to live up to your own truth. Sodalite also has a strong vibration. So, if you need help public speaking, stimulating untamed creativity, or communication in general, this is the crystal to use.

  • Boost confidence in communicating
  • Promotes logical thinking & problem solving
  • Great for Teacher, students or writers to assist deeper understanding


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